Habibi - Ode to Sparks deck

Dhs. 250.00 Dhs. 280.00

An ode to Sparks...

One of, if not the greatest skate spot to have ever existed in Dubai. Named after the sparks caused when landing primo, Sparks boasted straight, curved, short, long ledges, a 10 stair, kicker gap, manny pads and possibly the best flat ground ever, beautifully wrapped in marble and granite in various shades of maroon.

Built around 2006, Sparks was a stone's throw away from Deira Fountain and was instrumental in the progression of the local skate scene up until its destruction around 2012. A regular stop to local skaters and visiting pros, Sparks offered a shaded and safe space for skaters to skate and interact with people of the city. Sparks will forever be remembered as a crucial component in the development of the local skateboarding community. It was more than just a place to skate, it was a hub of creativity, community, and camaraderie.

For those who were lucky enough to experience it, Sparks will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

Massive thank you to our habibi Greg "Jojo" Charbein for sharing his old photos with us. This board graphic wouldn't have been possible without you ❤️


If you're looking to hang on the wall, we recommend the 9" deck. It shows more of the photo than the other sizes.

*Griptape is on the house for all boards
  • 9° concave
  • 19° Nose
  • 18.5° Tail
  • Wheelbase: 14.125"
  • و
  • You could buy it just to hang it up but we prefer you skate the shit out of it
  • Made in Canada with Canadian maple wood and love
  • We love you, habibi
  • Components such as trucks, wheels, and bearings are sold separately