Habibi X 7Hills - Hakiem Deck

Dhs. 190.00 Dhs. 280.00

Seven Hills is a skateboarder-run, grassroots, non-profit organization based in Jordan that builds public skateparks, spaces, programs, and tools for young people in Jordan to learn, grow, and become positive contributors to their community. Seven Hills utilizes skateboarding and art as a tool to bridge the gap between different genders, ages, cultural, social, racial, and religious backgrounds in Jordan.

As part of the Arab skate scene, the friendship between Habibi Skateboards co-founder Maysam Faraj and Seven Hills co-founder Mohammed Zakaria started in 2006 long before the two organizations were established, when the Dubai skate crew decided to check out the Amman skate scene, and the kinship was formed. The spirit of skateboarding between the Jordan and the UAE skate scenes manifested in this deck collaboration between Habibi and Seven Hills. 

By purchasing this board, you’re choosing to support the free skateboarding and arts programs that Seven Hills run all year round.

Be a habibi, support the habibis ❤️

Deck graphic by Mohammad Zakaria featuring Hakiem Barakat.

📸's by Kolja & Chris Mann

Griptape is on the house for all boards

  • 9° concave
  • 19° Nose
  • 18.5° Tail
  • Wheelbase: 14.125"
  • و
  • You could buy it just to hang it up but we prefer you skate the shit out of it
  • Made in Canada with Canadian maple wood and love
  • We love you, habibi
  • Components such as trucks, wheels, and bearings are sold separately