'HEART' Book by Lucas Beaufort

Dhs. 330.00 Dhs. 467.00

French artist and skateboarder Lucas Beaufort is best known for his colourful and stylistic artwork, not to mention the incredible 2017 documentary Devoted, a project aptly named for both his passion and those of his subjects as it pertains to skateboarding. Three years in the making, Lucas traveled the world, from Thrasher offices in San Francisco to Slam Mag in Australia, digging deeper than most to “be an overview of everything,” he recently told Parade World.

Now, five years later, Lucas turns his focus to skate shops- the community hubs keeping skateboard culture alive- in a 428-page book titled Heart. What started from interviewing a few owners, Heart grew to 90 stories from around the world, capped off with an A-Z list of almost 1,000 shops globally.



  • Hardback
  • 428 various coloured pages
  • 24cm x 30 cm